Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gothic Lolita Wigs Review: Aqua & Magenta Curly Bob & Classic Lolita in Teal

A review of the Aqua & Magenta Curly Bob and the Teal Classic Lolita Wig

A little while back I bought 2 wonderful wigs by Gothic Lolita Wigs from another girl who didn't need them but since I've just made an order for more GLW wigs (this time direct from the GLW website) I thought I'd go back and look at why I decided to order more!

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Onwards to the lucious wiggies!

Aqua & Magenta Curly Bob ($38 USD)

Sadly I just discovered that this wig is now discontinued, but I have to tell you it’s just like the stock picture on the GLW website! The curls are lovely and would probably tease out easily if you didn’t want them so tight. I actually bought this for a Mrs Peacock cosplay, so I was thrilled to find that the wig has just a hint more cyan where viewed in real life and comes out of the bag with tight, classic curls. I love how vibrant the wig is, and the colour really pops because the wig is made from very soft, matte-finished fibres. It feels soft and natural and the wig is very thick too! I don't worry about the wig cap being visible through the curls at all. It’s adjustable in size and although I sometimes get worried about short styles not covering my own hair properly I was very happy with this wig. There’s no scrimping on thickness and the top looks quite natural too. Overall, the natural lustre, vibrant colours, and good quality of this wig make this one a 10/10 for me because it's exactly what I wanted and how I expected it to be!

As you can see from the back, the curls are classic and tight. In black, this could be an ideal wig for the Snow White look inspired by Disney, or a lovely pinup look. The fringe is a bit awkward to get used to, but a couple cute bobby pins would easily sort it!
 The colours sliced into the sides really highlight the curly style. The choice of contrasting colours really adds to the texture of the curls!
And finally, the parting is very neat and natural looking - no unsightly net or anything on show!
And if you fancy mermaidy-turquoise goodness...

Classic (Wavy) Teal – Lolita ($41.50 USD)
The stock photo of this one is a rich, dark teal colour however mine is actually a brighter, greener colour, more like the colour of Turquoise than teal! The colour of the classic teal lolita wig in real life is more like the stock image for this short bob. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t useable in the outfit I had planned but it is still a very lovely quality wig. 
The fibres have a soft, satin shine and the wig is nice and thick. Although monotone, the spiral curls are still quite well defined. It's about 26" in length when left curly. The wig is also very adjustable and has skin coloured innards:
...The bangs are very long! Perfect for a face-framing side-fringe. The wig is thick so the fringe is likely to cover at least one of your eyes if you don't pin it back.I can’t stress how touchable this wig is, it’s exactly how I wish my real hair felt! Overall, the style is pretty much the same as the stock picture once I separated the curls a little but I’ve found that the fringe parts naturally on either side. 

The quality of the wig itself is great, just be aware that the colour is quite different! All the images I have taken on the polystyrene wig head are true to colour on my monitor, so hopefully that will help you decide if this wig is for you!
It has a well-hidden round top parting and lots of fibres to keep your head well covered.
For accuracy to the stock photo, I would rate this product as being 5/10 because the colour is very different, but the overall quality of this wig is fantastic. I like the wig so much that I've found a different outfit I can use it for so I don't have to part with it!

Because these were of a good quality, I decided to place an order direct with GLW. I live in UK, and they are US based, so I am not expecting a particularly swift arrival. Instead of ordering bright, costume colours, I've ordered more "natural" looking colours for every day Lolita wear. I hope to bring you that review soon!

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  1. Awesome review, thank you! Helped me decide against Classic Teal, wouldn't have been tempted by it if I'd know it was going to be so much brighter than the stock images.
    I'll definitely be buying a different one though, they seem like such good quality :)

    L. Figment

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad my experience could be helpful. The service that GLW provide is very good and although international shipping can be pricey they do their best to put them in a packet without damaging them to combine the postage costs. I have the Princess wig in Ginger and the Ringlet wig in Milk Tea too and they are both exactly like the stock pictures so I think it's just the classic teal that's a little off in the stock images :) Good luck!

  2. Would you sell or trade your bob? Please I have other glws new with tags I've never gotten around to wearing

    1. I'd consider selling or trading it sure - what did you have in mind? Feel free to email me or grab me on FB or LJ :)

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