Friday, 25 January 2013

Wig Styling Mini-Tutorial: How to Create a Side-Parting

This tutorial is also available as a video here!

At short notice I couldn't find a wig with a colour, texture and parting in the correct place for a particular character so I settled for buying a wig that was parted down the centre and repositioned the parting myself. Here's how I did it!

Apologies for the crumby quality images – they are mainly stills taken from the video above.

You’ll need: wig (this tutorial will only have an effect on synthetic fibre wigs! The wig I’m using has a skin top, centre parting wig made for everyday wear although here I'm using it for cosplay), a comb (preferably with wide-spaced teeth to help seperate the fibres - use a wooden one if you want to avoid static!), a hairdrier (variable heat is best so you don't burn the wig fibres), non-conditioner hair-spray (optional), a wig head or stand to style your wig on (unless you style it whilst you or a friend are wearing it).

Step 1:

With your reference handy, use the end prong of your comb (or the tail of your comb if it has a pointed tail) to gently lift the fibres of the wig where you want your new parting to be. Comb it upwards a few times to ensure you only have the fibres you want. Fold the hair over firmly and hold it in place. It’s best to do this in sections.

Step 2:
Using a hairdryer on a hot setting, smooth the fibres in your chosen direction. Because wigs are made of plastic you’re actually getting the fibres hot so you can remould them. Use your fingers to smooth and coax the hairs across. If you can’t hold the hair and “dry” it at the same time, you can use a hair slide to keep the fibres in place.

Hold the hair in place until it’s cool each time for the best effect!

Go down the line of your new parting in sections until it's all done.

Thicker fibre wigs may take a little longer with the heat but be careful not to overheat it! Because it’s plastic you can heat it too much and it will end up frazzled! Check the instructions on the label that your wig came with, or if yours doesn’t come with any instructions you can always test the heat of the hairdryer on a small portion of the hair on the underside of your wig.

Step 3:

If you’re not confident that the hair will stay in place, give it a quick mist over with some hairspray. It’s better to use ones without conditioners if you can. Once dry, you can always give it a brush through with your comb to seperate the strands to make it look more natural. Use the hairdryer on a lower heat setting to dry the hairspray in the correct direction. This will help set it in place. Remember to smooth it down with your fingers!

And tadaa! You’ve now created a new parting for your wig!

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Good luck!

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