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Lolita Brand Review: Infanta - Emperor Nightingale JSK ver. 3

My notes on the horrors of Infanta's Emperor Nightingale JSK ver 3

Over the coming days, I'll be posting up some opinions of Infanta garments I own or once owned, including the good, the bad, and the plain unsightly! I'll be focussing on quality of construction and materials, and how the products I received matched up to stock images.

Infanta is a Chinese brand that makes a diverse range of clothing for Lolita fashion and its related styles. You can find suitable items for gothic lolita, sweet lolita, classic lolita and aristocrat. I would say they’re most known for original embroidery, floral fabrics, and for using more unusual fabrics such as a thin, soft, suede-effect fabric, jacquard, and velveteens. The price tends to range from about $60-$100 for a dress, which can work out to be half, or even just a third, of the price of some of the most famous Lolita brands so I thought I’d share my experiences to help you decide whether Infanta is for you!

The Brand: Infanta is available through a few online retailers, but in English langauge they are available through:,
Emperor Nightingale JSK ver. 3
Price without shipping in USD: Qutieland $85, Clobbaonline $80.95
Colours available: BlackXGold, WineXGold
Available in 4 sizes, product code IFJ0032 on Qutieland, CB1920542 Clobba
I was very underwhelmed by this purchase! It's a shame to let such lovely embroidery go to waste on a carelessly made garment, but it must still be wearable because I managed to sell it on even with all these images! Many apologies for the crumby image quality, these were old photos that I've managed to dig out to let you know about my experience. (This is the one time I've gotten an Infanta garment and literally shed a couple tears because my expectations were very high!) You can see immediately from the image above that my dress came to me me without any lace attached to the hem and that the colour was much brighter/redder than the wine red shown in the stock photo.
The fabric used for the Emperor Nightingale series is Infanta's signature fabric that's often called 'velveteen' however it feels a lot more like suede-effect fabric. The fabric is lovely and sturdy and soft to touch. The garment came fully lined with anti-static lining in matching dark red. However, not all the materials used were high quality. Case in point:
You can easily see that the ribbon used for the bows at the waist is tacky, itchy, metallic stuff that has a cheap Christmas-like look. They were also bound too tightly which makes them look skinny and squashed. They were stitched on with visible white thread.
The stuff used for the lacing at the back is even worse, it's the sort of plastic-like ribbon you might use to wrap around present boxes:
This horrific stuff also was used for the bows on the bird cages at the front. The bows were stitched in the middle by machine with red thread.
You can see, though, that the embroidery is wonderfully done! The stitches are even and close together, with silky feeling embroidery thread. The embroidery is lovely!

The quality of the ribbons aren't my only niggles though. The torso left a lot to be desired.

The bow brooch on the torso was a bit weird. The corners of the top rectangle were sewn to the edges of the bottom rectangle meaning the bow looked a little awkward. It was easily rectified! The pearly beads are lovely, heavy in weight with a lovely satin lustre in an antique gold colour. I love them, but because of how the rectangles are sewn I couldn't pull the beads to hang over the front like in the stock photos.

This also looked a little off too: when you remove the bow brooch on the torso you can see that the scallop detail is severely wonky!
And behold, the army of loose threads...


 There were stray threads poking out of seams everywhere and I didn’t like how shiny all the gold piping turned out to be. However, despite these things, the embroidery on the dress was absolutely gorgeous, very closely stitched and in a delicate satiny antique gold thread. The birdies even had little gems for eyes. The size given was also precise, and despite a few wonky bits it was actually fully lined and put together very sturdily. With a few modifications it could have made a very lovely dress with all that gorgeous embroidery!
I would rate the quality and accuracy to the stock photos of this garment as 4/10
Is it sturdily constructed? -- Yes, wonkily albeit
Was it true to measurements given? -- Yes
Does it match the stock photos? -- The quality is significantly less than the stock image, the colour was much brighter, and lace was missing from the hem

I have read good reviews of other items in this series, so perhaps I was just unlucky! For the price, it's not bad I suppose, but this particular garment is not good compared to some of its peer brands of a similar price in my opinion.
If you have any questions about the Emperor Nightingale Jumperskirt (version 3) then I'll be happy to help if I can! You can contact me through any of the following:


  1. I know this post is a few months old, but I wanted to share my experience as well. When I got this jsk, I bought it secondhand, so I paid significantly less for it (about $30 USD) and that should have been a warning. The seller showed me a fuzzy proof photo and the stock photo - which showed the lace hem. So I was disappointed when I got it and there was no lace, but I was aware of the color difference in advance at least. But oh, the color! The first time I wore the dress, I was indoors, in air conditioning, in the winter - so I did not sweat. It was not not raining out, nor was it any more humid than normal. Yet, when I took the dress off, I was floored to discover that it had tinted my white blouse pink at the shoulders and underarms - pretty much anywhere the straps touched. I had never heard of this happening to anyone before, and was a little upset by it. (Fortunately, the color washed out of the blouse I had worn.) But still, beware.

    1. Yes! I completely forgot to add that! I wore it with a gold/beige bolero and it ended up with lots of pinky red marks on it! Thank you for the reminder, I should add something about that above! I completely understand how disappointed you were, I call this "that Infanta horror" to people and they know which dress I'm talking about!