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Lolita Brand Review: Infanta - Sweet Chandelier Appliqué One Piece Dress

Notes on the Sweet Chandelier Appliqué OP I received!

Over the coming days, I'll be posting up some opinions of Infanta garments I own or once owned, including the good, the bad, and the plain unsightly! I'll be focussing on quality of construction and materials, and how the products I received matched up to stock images.

Infanta is a Chinese brand that makes a diverse range of clothing for Lolita fashion and its related styles. You can find suitable items for gothic lolita, sweet lolita, classic lolita and aristocrat. I would say they’re most known for original embroidery, floral fabrics, and for using more unusual fabrics such as a thin, soft, suede-effect fabric, jacquard, and velveteens. The price tends to range from about $60-$100 for a dress, which can work out to be half, or even just a third, of the price of some of the most famous Lolita brands so I thought I’d share my experiences to help you decide whether Infanta is for you!

The Brand: Infanta is available through a few online retailers, but in English langauge they are available through:,

Sweet Chandelier Applique OP
Price without shipping in USD: Qutieland $82
Colours available: Pink X Black, Black X Pink
Available in 5 sizes, product code IFO0012 on Qutieland.

Made in Infanta’s signature suede-feel fabric with dotted corduroy and lovely original appliqué. This is a high quality garment! The pleated waist, I found, did make it feel a little clunky to wear, perhaps because it was a shade too long for me. A large issue for me was wearing it without a blouse: the corduroy rubbed against my arms and although the lace trim around the sleeves is good quality, it made my skin a little sore after a full day of wearing.
It think perhaps the sleeves were a little too tight but the garment I purchased was a larger size than I’d usually get so I'm unsure! It made my the underside of my arms pretty sore.
It’s a really warm dress. I couldn’t find any construction flaws, and the appliqués were crisply and neatly done. I love the added little twinkly gems in the embroidered stars and the pearl effect beads on the chandeliers. These embellishments made it feel very precious! The ribbon threaded through the lace is matte effect, not shiny or tacky looking at all. The lace around the hem is a little different from the stock photo but of a similar quality to that shown in th stock images.
The ribbon used was a velvet effect ribbon which was strong and sturdy and the overall construction was brilliant. The velvet effect ribbon is really strong stuff but it does have a tendency to curl up. It was laced through fabric loops sewn in to the garment well. The zip was white (like the lining) but as it was well concealed it isn't too noticeable.
 The garment was true to the size given and the whole garment was put together neatly and elegantly. I love that the pearls hanging from the bow are actually a rosy pink to match the garment and tie everything together. The bows were all very sturdy, and the waist bow was attached with a small brooch back. I would have liked a slightly larger brooch back as it ended up at an angle quite often during the day. The zipper is well concealed so the toros is smooth and seamless. It's a very well structed garment. This is the dress that made me stick with Infanta, even after the horrors of the Emperor Nightingale dress (more on that later *shiver*).
While it's a very well made garment, I really don't like the lining. It's that synthetic satin stuff. I don't know about other people but it can make me a bit sweaty and it's very static-prone too.

I would rate the quality of this garment and accuracy to the stock images as 8/10.
Is it sturdily constructed? --Yes
Is it comfortable to wear? -- Not really without a blouse
Does it match the stock photos? -- Mostly, but the lace was substituted
Is it easy to co-ordinate? -- The colour is a bit awkward, somewhat peachier than usual lolita pink. If you want to co-ordinate it with black or white though, it's fine.
If you have any questions about the Sweet Chandelier OP I'll be happy to help if I can! As always you can contact me through any of the following:

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