Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lolita Clothing Review & Giveaway (Closed): Fanplusfriend Fairy Twilight Skirt

In this post:
- My musings & photos on the Fairy Twilight skirt from Fanplusfriend
- Plus, WIN the skirt itself, or a cute cinderella-style carriage necklace!
And/or, watch the review and get extra close to the garment in this video on youtube

Fairy Twilight Skirt
The brand: Fanplusfriend
The details:
Price: $80, €61.37 which is £51.47 at time of writing according to Paypal
Colours available: GreyXBlack or BlueXWhite
Features: Printed fairy scene, removable & adjustable chiffon bustle, matching bow brooch
3 available sizes, product code SP00143.
Overall Features
(Wig: CosplayWigUSA, Lenses: Geo,  Blouse: Offbrand, Necklace: Local Boutique, Socks: Primark, Shoes: Bodyline.)
I've tied the bustle the way it is in the stock photo to frame the print but you can make it symmetrical intead. The bustle has loops to attach it to the skirt so you could add little buttons to other skirts and wear it with something else too if you wanted!
The bustle overskirt is fully adjustable. Here I'm wearing it pretty much as the stock photos show. You can see the print through the detachable bustle since the print is to one side. The bustle can be gathered up or let down with 4 channels of ribbon. You just pull the ribbons to gather the fabric and tie them to keep the gathering in place. Apologies for the sagging of the overskirt in the picture on the right, the skirt is too big for me! You can see the corset is pulled to its tightest. If you're a little smaller than the maximum measurements given on the FPF website, I'd suggest attaching a couple more buttons and loops to the back of the skirt to stop the bustle sagging at the top!
The print is the main features of this skirt, it's a piece of wearable art. It incorporates a lot of colours and shades which make the garment more flexible when it comes to co-ordinating it. The main tones are blues and golds. Here's a few close ups of the print:
It's not grainy as it looks- that's just because I had to compress the image and the fabric beneath the print has a grain!
The detachable bow is made of plain fabric with the chiffon blend fabric laid over it. The faux-pearls are heavy weight and pretty, a pearlescent grey-blue and the lace detailing incorporates mint, gery-blue and a purpley blue colour embellished with faux-pearl beads. The brooch back is antique brass effect and is quite sturdy.
Size Information
The size given on the tag is UK 14, US 12, Euro 80, JP XL. According to Fanplusfriend's size chart, this means it's a size Lady 80 for a waist of 27"-30" (70-76cm). I measure the waistband with  the back corsetting completely undone at an absolute maximum of 30", which makes the skirt true to the stock measurement. The length is 24" overall, the exact measurement given on the stock page!
Quality & Construction
The stitching is all quite straight and even, and there are no raw edges as everything is tightly overlocked. Everything seems very sturdy! The zips are nicely hidden. All the buttons, including the ones that detach the bustle, are sewn on well.
The print, as you can see above, is quite crisp and detailed.
The buttons are lovely in design, but they are quite a lightweight and quite cheap looking. The ribbons used are all double sided satin and the corsetting is through fabric loops which are built to last. The garment isn't lined, but that's in accordance with the website information.
My only niggle with the construction of the garment is that the fabric at the front with the print on does not match the fabric at the back. I don't think this mismatch was obvious on the stock photos, so I find it a little annoying. It doesn't stop the skirt from being lovely and if you're wearing the bustle then it's not so noticeable anyway.
Rather helpfully, this garment also comes with care instructions!
Does it match the stock images? Only difference is the mis-matching colour of the panel
Is it well constructed? Yes indeed!
Is it easy to co-ordinate? Yes, many colours both basic and unusual
Is it true to stock measurements? Yes!
If you have any questions about the Emperor Nightingale Jumperskirt (version 3) then I'll be happy to help if I can! You can contact me through any of the following:
For accuracy to stock photos and overall quality I would rate this skirt at 8/10.
Hat: Primark (a couple pounds!), Bow: Handmade, Bag: Loris, Blouse: Offbrand, "Alano"
Necklace: Offbrand (win it below!), Socks: Secret Shop, Shoes: Bodyline
Competition & Giveaway information!
Like the Fairy Twilight Skirt? Add it to your wardrobe! To enter the competition put together a mood board (like the example above) to show your ideal co-ordinate featuring this skirt and my favourite board will win the skirt featured in this review. You can take the image of the skirt from my images, or if you need a bigger one just ask me to email it to you. Please send entries to with "Fanplusfriend Skirt Competition" in the title! I look forward to seeing all your lovely creative entries!*
If you'd like to win this Cinderella style pumpkin carriage necklace (in keeping with the theme of fairytales!), simply head on over to my Facebook page and 'like' and 'share' the link to this page or my video review (or the photo in the 'review' section that contains the link to this review/giveaway post). Everyone who does will be entered into a prize draw and I'll randomly select the winner from a hat, the old fashioned way.

There's two weeks to enter to give everyone a good opportunity to get their creative collages sent in. The competition for both skirt and necklace will close at midnight on 7th April 2013, and winners will be announced on 8th April 2013.

*By sending me your co-ordinate board you agree to allow me to publicly post that image board on Facebook and in subsequent media I publish (including but not limited to vlog, blog, and social networking sites). If you prefer not to reveal your real name to others, please include a nickname that I may call you by when posting your entry and if you win! Please do not write any contact details on the image you submit - if I ask for your address in the event that you win you will be asked to submit it to me via email in private! Shipping is on me to anywhere in the world.


  1. Hi! :) That skirt is beautiful!! Do we need to name where each item on the mood board is from (brand or website of each item) like your example? or just submitting the mood board is all we need?
    Also do we need to write our name (last name and first name)with our mood board or not unless we win?

    1. Hi dear! It is a lovely skirt indeed! You don't have to name where each item is from (I don't mind if it's brand, offbrand, indie brand, taobao, etc), but you can if you like! (I'm sure people might appreciate it if they see your entry and think "oh, I'd like one of those!")
      You don't need to write your name on the mood board! You might find some more information in the companion youtube video to help (don't write your real name/address/personal detail ON the mood board itself, but you must have some sort of name I can call you by in public like a nickname or something ('kittykit' is just fine!) as I will be announcing the winners and also putting names to the mood boards that will be posted up on my FB page for inspiration for other lolitas :)