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GLW Service & Product Review Part 1/2: Ringlet wig in Milk Tea

A review of the Ringlet wig in Milk Tea and the Princess wig in Ginger and the service I received from Gothic Lolita Wigs (Pt 1)

The wigs I already have made by GLW were brilliant quality and great for everyday fashion wear so I decided to order some directly from GLW. I experienced good customer service, a swift delivery and, most importantly, lovely wigs! Here's my full rundown.
Placing and order
The website is really easy to sign up to and use, and you can get very quick answers to any questions before purchasing via the GLW Facebook page prior to making any orders. I got a reply in less than 24 hours!
The website design also allows customers to comment with their reviews of the wigs so it was nice to see if other people liked or disliked the wigs I'd chosen to buy.

Here's how the postage initially looked before I was given the refund... somehow I don't think a couple wigs are worth $70 shipping, even if it is the most express service!

I placed the order at 11.21 GMT on 8th January (that’s 2013!) and chose to pay using Paypal. My order is an international one since the wigs are being sent from US to UK and because the cart system doesn’t combine shipping automatically I had to pay two lots of shipping however the website says they will refund the excess shipping if you make a note that you’d like the shipping to be combined when you check out. I made the note as instructed and sure enuough I did receive the excess postage back as a refund!
Receiving the wigs
 I chose one shorter wig and one longer wig style so I figured they would be able to send them in the same packet, which they did. I chose the EMS service, which I’ve used before when buying from US and it seems quite reliable. I’ve never had anything go waywards and it’s usually relatively quick with the average item arriving from US to my door in UK in about 2 weeks.

I went back to check the status of my order but it still showed “awaiting payment” even though I paid instantly through Paypal. I sent a message using the message function on the GLW website  on the day I made the purchase (8th January) which allows you to ask questions about orders you’ve placed. I received a response in 6 hours despite the time difference. The response informed me that they had received my money, updated the status of my order manually, and that they had shipped my wigs that very day!

I received my wigs at my house a week later! From ordering to receiving it was only 7 days, which would have been good if I had ordered from a company in UK, nevermind half way across the world! The wigs were packaged in a thick priority mail bubble-lined envelope made of durable plastic and card was included around the ringlet one to protect the curls (the princess wig has relaxed curls so didn't need it). Each wig came in a plastic bag and wig net and I received 2 flesh coloured wig caps as well.
The products!
Ringlet Wig in Milk Tea ($42.95)
I originally wanted the 'curly bob' in the milk tea colour but it was sold out, so I settled for the Ringlet style in milk tea. There were no stock images of the back of the wig so I had to make my decision based on the picture of the front as worn by Tin Tin on the website and 2 positive reviews (not much, I know!). However my good faith was rewarded.
This wig is like the stock photo, but actually fuller than it looks on the website which isn't a bad thing at all. It's full and bouncy and quite light to wear! Another thing I like about this wig is that the wig cap is quite stretchy and I can fit my hair underneath it with no problem. In some wigs, I have to set the elastic inside to the slackest/biggest it will go but I actually need to set this wig on the second to smallest, making me think this wig is good for most sizes of head.
Though it appears a little glossy in the image above, they are stills from my video so they are under artificial lighting, including a 200W lightbulb from above! It takes a lot of directed light to make this wig shine. It isn't shiny at all under natural lighting, giving a believable matte finish (as you can see below).
It has a very sandy colour but it darker so it doesn't scream "Dye! Fake!" at you. I think the colour is quite subtle really! For reference, the images above were taken on a grey day with a smattering of snow (bit fuzzy!) but the wig still looked warm and soft (even if it is a little ruffled from walking around shopping)!
With a flash it looks something like this:
The photo on the left is most accurate to colour out of the two.

I did have one little upset though! As soon as I got the wig out the packet, one of the curls came undone/frayed. I was able to rewind it carefully. It's a hazard of buying a wig with tight, neat ringlets: the curls can come undone easily and need a little care.
This style has been replaced by Ringlet Redux, which is longer in length, so I'm glad I got this one before it was ended!
Milk Tea Wig, accuracy to stock photos? 9/10
Speed of service received from GLW? 10/10
Communication/Customer Service at GLW? 10/10
Wearability of wig? 9/10
Quality of wig? 9/10
Overall experience... pending judgement based on the other wig I ordered at the same time!
Stay tuned for part 2, the Princess wig in Ginger!
...and now for the useful tidbits!
Gothic Lolita Wigs has a loyalty rewards program! Some people have said that their prices are a little steep, which I actually disagree with given the good quality of their products that I’ve experienced, but the more wigs you buy the more discount you receive as a loyal customer. After you’ve purchased 5 wigs you’ll get 5% discount on the next five wigs you buy. At 10 wigs, 10% discount for the next 5 wigs. Then 15% off for the next five and eventually 20% discount. When you reach 20% discount you receive that discount for any subsequent purchases! Isn’t that nice? Some of the wigs are suitable for cosplay as well as for alternative fashion styles so it’s worth seeing how many of them you can use!

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