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Lolita Brand Review: Infanta - Winter Elegy Flower of Time Skirt

Notes on the Winter Elegy Flower of Time Skirt by Infanta

I've been posting up some opinions of Infanta garments I own or once owned, including the good, the bad, and the plain unsightly! I've focussed on the quality of construction and accuracy to stock images provided.

Infanta is a Chinese brand that makes a diverse range of clothing for Lolita fashion and its related styles. You can find suitable items for gothic lolita, sweet lolita, classic lolita and aristocrat. I would say they’re most known for original embroidery, floral fabrics, and for using more unusual fabrics such as a thin, soft, suede-effect fabric, jacquard, and velveteens. The price tends to range from about $60-$100 for a dress, which can work out to be half, or even just a third, of the price of some of the most famous Lolita brands so I thought I’d share my experiences to help you decide whether Infanta is for you!

The Brand: Infanta is available through a few online retailers, but in English langauge they are available through:,

Winter Elegy Flower of Time Halter Skirt

Price without shipping in USD: Qutieland $70
Colours available: Black Jacquard X Blue/Green Stripe, Green Velveteen X Black Faux-Suede
Available in 4 sizes, product code IFS0004
Detachable halter that gives a waistcoat effect and gorgeous original pocket watch embroidery. High waist with plastic bones and corseted back for a good fit with a decorative corset to the front. Heavier fabric, ideal for chillier months.

I actually bought this from a friend who was disappointed when she received this garment (thanks Sashiekins!), but there are a lot of things I really like about this. The first is that it looks exactly like the stock pictures, except that you can’t quite make out the pattern of the jacquard fabric in the stock photo (my friend expected plain black). The jacquard fabric isn’t exactly jet black but it’s thick and sturdy and makes a change from a plain fabric, and the stripy suede made it easy to pick out a colour to accessorise with.

The embroidery was perfect, tightly packed and sewn with a silky textured grey thread. The beauty of this piece is it becomes more aristocrat-like with the halter attachment and could be used for steampunk lolita as pocket watches are a popular motif for that style.

 I liked the decorative corset to the front because functional corseting at the front of garments sometimes can spoil the effect if you have to lace it up too tightly or too loosely. (It looks like it functions but actually, it's sewn that way!) The back is adjustable instead. 

(Back ^)
The zip and construction was sturdy. The only thing I didn’t like about the garment was the buttons. One of the buttons that held the waistcoat attachment at the side fell off. The other soon followed so I had to replace the buttons after wearing it only twice. I also don’t like the big silver buttons: they look okay from a distance but they are very light and thin plastic which can feel a little cheap and tacky. If I had kept this garment for longer, I would have replaced the buttons.

The lace was quite rough to touch and I would have preferred no lace at all, as it only featured around the lapels of the halter attachment. The high waist was actually a little too high for me, so I had to fold the stripy fabric at the top down.
Based on my own expectation of the garment from looking at stock images, and the fact that it was actually built quite well, I would rate the quality of this garment to be 6.5/10.

Is it sturdily constructed? --Yes
Is it comfortable to wear? -- Yes indeedy
Does it match the stock photos? -- Yes
Is it easy to co-ordinate? -- Yes, you can choose black,navy, green or grey/silver to pick out
Niggles? The buttons fell off and are way too tacky and thin, and the lace is really stiff and itchy.

If you have any questions about the Winter Elegy Flower of Time halter skirt I'll be happy to help if I can! As always you can contact me through any of the following:

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