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Lolitadesu Shopping Experience Review~ A little write up of a little webshop

I was looking for a rider style jacket to wear on cool Summer evenings and it just so happened the new & used web shop Lolitadesu had one. So would I recommend Lolitadesu as a shopping destination?

The Shop
Location: Japan~ sells internationally
Website: English  (support in other languages too)

What I can buy from Lolitadesu: 2nd hand and new goods from Japan with a distinctly Lolita flavour. They sell clothing, accessories and jewellery, novelties, house and home goods, and artwork. (You can usually buy Lolita brand clothing such as Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright here, and they also seem to stock a large amount of general cute goods from Chocomint, Swimmer and the like!) They also carry their own brand of postcards which is pretty neat. Their stock has really expanded recently so they have a diverse range of gothic, classic, and sweet lolita goods.

Can I social network with them? Lolitadesu has a Facebook page

The webstore is very easy to navigate! I've highlighted below a few things I like about it:

I have been looking for a rider jacket for quite a while: I remember seeing the jacket in sweatshirt type fabric in an old GLB and really wanted it but I wasn't able to find one. I was actually shopping for something else when I came across Lolitadesu's webstore! There are detailed photographs when you click on the product for more information. (Unfortunately I forgot to screencap it all and it's all gone now because the transaction is done!) Because I chose a second hand item there was a little damage: a smudge mark on the back of the collar. This was detailed in the photograph and I asked whether Fox, whose customer support is lovely and polite, knew what it might be. I was told it looked like a pencil smudge but they couldn't be sure since it arrived to them this way. I wasn't too bothered so long as it didn't look like paint or something too permanent!

Ordering & Shipping

I asked for shipping to UK, which came out to be $17 via airmail, and Fox was even kind enough to knock the extra couple dollars off to round off the price of the transaction. Talk about a lovely surprise! When placing an order, you can check-out as a guest (which will automatically create an account for you so you can log in and see the progress of your order) or you can log in to your existing account. Shipping is calculated later, so if you're worried the shipping might be out of your price range I recommend contacting the shop owners for a swift response with a shipping quote. Lolitadesu offers EMS as well as airmail for international orders so you can get tracking for your package. If you have special shipping requirements, I wouldn't be afraid to ask :)

Fox altered the listing in the shop for me and I bought it from the webstore and paid via Paypal on 9th May.

Fox's communication was fantastic throughout and responses were very informative too! On 10th May, the day after I placed my order, I received an email from the webstore telling me that my order had been shipped.

The package arrived at my house in UK from Japan on 15th May!
My jacket came in a bubble-lined envelope which was nice and strong. 

When I opened the packet I had a lovely surprise: some yummy Japanese strawberry flavoured sweets! Isn't that nice? 

My rider jacket was inside the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bag which added even more protection just in case. (BTSSB carriers are really thick!) Everything was safe.

The Jacket

 See... there's nothing untoward here!

It was exactly as it had been described, with no extra damages or anything like that! In fact, the 'pencil' mark has already been washed out with a little stain remover! It was packed in such a way that it didn't even get wrinkled in the bag. That's skill!

I'll definitely keep my eyes on their Facebook page for updates and check their shop every now and then and I totally recommend you do the same~ who knows what will turn up there next? Occasionally they run competitions too!

Communication: 10/10
Shipping time:  10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Product as described: 10/10

Full marks all round and a fabulous shopping experience tailored to suit my needs! I highly recommend having a browse of the store~ I believe you can trust Lolitadesu to offer a great service for new and second hand Lolita clothes and goods. I had a flawless shopping experience.

As always, you can keep up to date with my on Youtube, Facebook, or send me an email at with any questions you might have :)

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