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Mooncake Corner Review: Cute Jewellery & Accessories for Lolita, Cult Party Kei and... Eyeballs!

After I struck out at a local store that only had the mermaid necklace I wanted in pink (and the person that made them didn't get back to me in the end about a custom order), I was a bit deflated about accessorising my black and lavender dress. But lo and behold~ Mooncake Corner to the rescue!

I've been struggling to find things I liked to match my Aqua Princess OP in black because the purple is a pale, glittery thing that's somewhere between violet and lavender but I happily stumbled upon a lovely indie store selling cute bits and pieces, some of which work well with lolita fashion, and came up with an adorable little necklace!
(I foresee much scrubbing with a toothbrush to get dust out of the grooves!)
The shop:
Mooncake Corner  (Simply go to the 'photos' section and browse the 'album' collection of handmade items!)
Based in: UK
Run By: The lovely Wai-Yi
Sells: Jewellery and accessories, false nails, artwork~ and lots of eyeballs!
Custom Orders: Accepted!
Good for fashions: Gothic/Classic/Sweet Lolita, Party Kei, Fairy Kai, Creepycute, Spooky, Nurse style, Gyaru & Hime.....
I saw the items posted on a sales group on Facebook, which was lucky! Because the link that was given was directly to the folders of photos it was easy to pick out something I liked, but if you don't use Facebook much, basically if you go to the Mooncake Corner page, click "photos" towards the top right (beneath the cover photo), and then click "albums", you'll be able to view the handmade items. I commented on the photo of the item I liked with my questions ("how long is the chain on the necklace?") and Wai-yi got back to me very quickly. I then sent a private message with confirmation of the order including postage etc. All the details were ironed out really quickly and I paid her :) on Saturday.
Wai-Yi let me know when my item was shipped and an estimate of how long it would take to reach me. Wai-Yi is very communicative, eager to respond to messages quickly and even apologised for keeping me waiting since she couldn't ship sooner than Monday (I ordered Saturday and post offices here are closed on Sunday anyway!). She shipped it Monday and I received it on Tuesday morning.

The necklace arrived in an envelope~ it wasn't a padded envelope but since my item was so small and had nothing sticking out of it that might be easily damaged it was okay. Plus it had a very strong plastic pouch around it! The envelope was sealed with tape for extra safety. It had a return address on it in case it was lost in the mail.
It came packed in a little organza baggy, and came with a handwritten thank-you note and some free nail stickers (in black and purple to match!). From ordering to receiving it only took me 3 days to get my item.
The Necklace
Cost: £6.90 including shipping
It's quite a well made little thing, with a lilac chain and silver coloured lobster clip and adjustable chain length. The jump rings are all well closed and it seems sturdy enough! The chain is about 47cm in length and the silver bit allows you to add another 5cm. The charm itself seems okay too- there's a little leaking glue residue around where the pearl flatback is stuck on but it doesn't show up unless you look really, really closely! (The glue is completely transparent, you can only tell if you turn it in the light and the light catches it.) The charm is a solid plastic, but quite lightweight so it won't weigh the neck down. It's just over 4cm in height so quite visible without being too overbearing. The glitter is contained in glue so it won't flake off or lose or the glitter! It's a little pitted at the back from the manufacturing of the cabachon but it doesn't affect the durability or anything and who sees the back anyway? The colour is accurate to the photos shown on the Mooncake Corner page and it is definitely fit for the outfit I bought it for! 
Does it look like the photo? Absolutely!
Customer service? Excellent!
Quick shipping? Paid on Saturday, received on Tuesday!
Packaging? Safe, considering it's a plastic and metal necklace with no 'sticky out' bits that could get damaged. (No bubblewrap needed with a flat, plastic charm in a tough plastic baggy!)
Overall? Very happy! Will keep checking for new designs and can recommend if you like childish, glittery, cute gooness!
I'll be sending her a photo of my co-ordinate next time I wear it!

The garment that I needed the necklace to go with was the Aqua Princess onepiece dress made by Angelic Pretty in Black x Purple.
As always if you'd like to contact me you can always find me at, or message me through youtube !

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