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GLW Service & Product Review Part 2/2: Princess wig in Ginger

Pt 2 of my Gothic Lolita Wigs product and service review including notes on the Princess collection wig in Ginger.

(above photo was taken with a flash!)
The first wigs I bought that were made by GLW were from someone who didn't use them, but they were of a good quality so I placed an order directly with GLW.  Their customer service was excellent and the wigs were lovely too. This is part 2 of my review, and you can find information about ordering, shipping and receiving in Pt 1, along with photographs and details of the Ringlet wig in Milk Tea HERE.
The Product
Princess Wig in Ginger ($48.00 USD)
I bought this to go with some of the fashion styles I wear ("hime" variants of lolita and gal) since my own hair is short. There were a variety of stock images on different models and under different lights so I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I took a chance!
The wig came packaged in a bubble mailer along with the ringlet wig. Unlike the ringlet wig, this didn't have any cardboar ring in it to stop it from being squashed. It came in a ziplock baggy with a fresh wig cap.
(photo with flash)

The Shape/Style
(photo with flash)
The first thing I'd note is that, fresh out of the bag, the hime bump isn't quite as puffy as it looks on the stock images. It does require some teasing and seperation to give it any lift. For a bump even close to the stock image I had to bunch my hair up at the top of my head underneath the wig deliberately to give the wig a larger bump. The other note I'd have to make is that the fringe is not as straight cut as the stock photos show. It's hard to get the fringe mine came with to look like the photos on the GLW website. The fringe is more suited to a sweeping fringe, I feel!
The back of the wig is a little more relaxed than I thought it would be from the stock image of the back of the wig. This photo was taken when I put it on fresh out the packet:
(photo with flash)
The colour
The colour is most accurate on the stock image of Grace Valentine. The other 2 photographs don't come close to the actual colour of the wig! It's a very spicy, warm tone, quite rusty and rich in colour. The photo on the model head  looks too brown and a bit faded and the photo on Dolldelight is much brighter and more orange than the wig really is. The colour of the wig is really quite like chilli powder! The photo below is most accurate to the colour on my monitor:
(photo in natural, outdoor light on a slightly cloudy day)
You can also see that this is how the fringe looks on mine, it's more more sweeping than the stock photographs. I also wore it a few times so I have separated and teased it just a little to get more volume without ruining the wig. The fibres that the wig is made from are a little thinner than other wigs I have had, maybe this is why I find them a little 'flyaway'.
With flash, or strong light it looks a little more orange. However in natural like it's a lot deeper in tone.
This wig is suprisingly light for the length and fullness. It's comfortable to wear, and as with the Ringlet wig, I wear this just a couple rungs away from its tightest setting, which makes it suitable for larger heads than some wigs, and means you can comfortably bunch up all your hair underneath.

This wig has held up well after several outings. The fibres are quite soft and supple and although they do tangle a little as with all wigs (especially since it's long and it's kind of windy in UK, and of course wigs getting caught on zips and necklaces...), but it doesn't tangle or matte as much as some other wigs I've tried. The shape has help up well, and for my taste it looks better for a couple wears as the curls have been given chance to separate a bit. The curls still bounce as a I walk and haven't lost any of their lift after 5 wears.
Ginger Princess Wig, accuracy to stock photos? 8/10
Wearability of wig? 8/10
Quality of wig? 8/10
Overall experience from GLW: 8/10
And in case you missed the useful tidbits last time...
Gothic Lolita Wigs has a loyalty rewards program! Some people have said that their prices are a little steep, which I actually disagree with given the good quality of their products that I’ve experienced, but the more wigs you buy the more discount you receive as a loyal customer. After you’ve purchased 5 wigs you’ll get 5% discount on the next five wigs you buy. At 10 wigs, 10% discount for the next 5 wigs. Then 15% off for the next five and eventually 20% discount. When you reach 20% discount you receive that discount for any subsequent purchases! Isn’t that nice? Some of the wigs are suitable for cosplay as well as for alternative fashion styles so it’s worth seeing how many of them you can use!

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