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Lolita Indie Brand Review: Elegy's Resplendent Nightmare

My review & experience of pre-ordering custom Resplendent Nightmare items from US-based indie brand Elegy!

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The Brand: Elegy (the website is easy to use and pain-free ;) )

Elegy's mission statement!

Elegy is a US-based lolita clothing brand. For Halloween last year, Miss Chubi, the brand’s designer and crafter, released a series called Resplendent Nightmare featuring a gold spider print. I joined the pre-order because I love spiders!

The print: copyright Elegy clothing/Miss Chubi! It's an original indie print!

When I originally placed the order I didn’t have any examples of this series because it was being especially made to order for those that pre-ordered it, however I had seen links to Elegy items and they appeared to be of a good quality so I put my trust in Miss Chubi. The illustrations of what was available were very clear. I spent a long time trying to decide which colour to go with as it was released in onyx, amethyst, sapphire, diamond and ruby. I eventually decided on black because I thought the gold would stand out more. I also decided to buy matching tights in black and some knee-highs in white. I had originally thought the knee-highs were socks but before invoicing me for my purchase, Miss Chubi sent me a message explaining that they are in fact knee-high stockings made from the same material as the tights and asked if I would still like them. I actually liked the idea so I gave her the go-ahead and, paid for my items on 16th September 2012. I received them on 12th November 2012, and here’s what I got!

Everything I ordered arrived together in a bubble-lined mailing packet, safe and sound!

“Resplendent Nightmare” Skirt in Onyx (Black), $120

(above left: offbrand blouse, handmade bow, CosplayWig USA wig.... above right: Anna House blouse... all other items are Elegy Clothing)
It was custom made to my measurements and fits perfectly! The measurements I gave were in cm, waist 66, underbust 70, length of skirt 51 (from the bottom of the waistband to the hem). There wasn't much straying from these measurements at all, and there was a little movement room because of the corset lacing and elastic so it wouldn't matter if I put on a little weight or lost a little.

The zip is good quality. It could have been a little more concealed but it's still very good. My only problem with the zip, and the reason the sewing gets a 4/5 instead of a 5, is that at the stitching on the seam doesn't come up far enough so the 'tail' of the zip pops out to the outside occasionally. The buttons are little spiders in milky gold plastic. The waist ties on this skirt are really long! This helps with tying a nice bow at the back. They’re detachable for storage and washing with the little spider buttons. The chiffon is a stiffer blend that folds and hangs nicely and isn’t so snag-prone as regular floppy chiffon. The lace is all metallic gold lace, and it’s a really deep, bright gold.

The waistband has been reinforced with probably some interfacing on the inside but it isn’t very strong so if you have a very hourglass shaped waist or large ribcage it might struggle not to flop over or crease. You could easily ask Miss Chubi to add some bones or more interfacing on the waist to make sure, though.
 The ribbon corseting is threaded through the lace, so I would advise against pulling it too tight in case it damages the lace, however you shouldn’t need to adjust the lacing at the front very much because there is elastic underneath the corseting at the back to do all the adjustment work for you. I usually prefer my skirts to be laced up through seperate loops so as not to accidentally damage the lace. The fabric is a soft, lightweight cotton which I love. It's black but still wearable in Summer!
The worst thing about this garment is that it’s quite terribly wrinkle-prone and is a fluff-magnet! You can see even when I took these photos it had attracted a whole lot of ambient fluff and threads and every hairy thing possible! I suppose that’s what you get for ordering a black cotton skirt!

It’s fully lined and there are no raw edges. I’m very happy with the quality of construction of the skirt, I think it’s built to last. The skirt came with a sort of card of authenticity with the number of the skirt on it. I owned the very first one of this kind and I’m privileged! I thought it was a really lovely personal touch.
Note: The ribbons are single-sided satin. They’re not massively shiny but if you have a thing against satin ribbon you’d have to ask for grosgrain or cotton ribbon.
I haven’t worn these except for the photograph here so they are untested (I've since sold them on to another girl who says they are quite wide-toed! I have size US9/UK5.5/EU39/JP24.5 feet and quite chunky calves for my size but I have to agree, they are quite wide of toe if you have very slim legs), however they appear to be of quite a thick and sturdy type of nylon/lycra blend like the tights (a different texture but similar quality) and I don’t think they seem snag-prone at all. They stretch well and shrink back to their original size nicely. The print doesn’t crack on my calves at all.
Tights: These have been worn well now (15 times at least!) and they are my favourite tights. But as you can see in the photographs, they still look quite spiffing! A little of the gold ink has rubbed away from being under my heel, which is my only niggle. If I wear the spiders at the back, they slip beneath my heel. But it’s also good that the print goes all the way down! I also feel like they are slightly long for me in the legs but then, I come in quite short in the size chart which states for 5’ to 5’10” as I am only 5’2”. They are quite opaque and thick, which is brilliant for UK! They are good quality tights, and pardon me for being rather intimate but I also like the fact that the tights have a reinforced area between the legs! It just shows that they are built to last!
Miss Chubi also kindly sent a free matching headbow that she usually sells for $20 with my purchase making it all really easy to co-ordinate immediately right out the packet! Isn’t that sweet?

The headbow is a mixture of sewn and glued components. It’s left loose, threaded on to the headband, so you can move it around to suit your hairstyle and push it so it stands up on your head or lay it flat against your head.

Miss Chubi is a wonderful person to communicate with. She’s thorough and concise and when I asked for information a month after paying (I hadn’t heard anything, she was so busy with pre-orders!), she replied straight away telling me that my tights and knee-highs had been finished but my skirt needed some more work (that was on 17th October). She was planning to ship international orders a little earlier but because of the volume of orders she received this fell through. It wasn’t a problem though as I wasn’t expecting to actually get my items for Halloween from USA to UK! On 29th October 2012, I received an email telling me that my order had been completed and shipped, and Miss Chubi provided me with a tracking number for my package. It arrived a couple weeks later!
TL/DR Quick information..........

Ordering & Receiving:
Placed/Paid For Pre-order:  16/9/2012
Shipped: 29/10/2012
Received: 12/11/2012
Cost (skirt, knee highs, and tights): $155 USD / £98.50 at the time
($120 Skirt, $15 Knee-Highs, $20 regular sized tights) 
Shipping was free as a promotion for pre-orders and the headband was a pre-order gift too!

Garment matching design: 5/5
Quality of Garment: Printing quality 5/5, sewing quality 4/5 (the seam with the zip could have done with a few more stitches to it!), quality of materials used 4/5
Communication: 5/5 (responded in less than 24 hours to every message!)
Packaging: 5/5 (Padded mailer, very sturdy!)
General Delightfulness & Overall Experience: 9000+
I'd definitely recommend Elegy to buyers looking for custom-made items. The items I received match the (now available) stock photographs and are of a good quality that seems to be made to last. Her designs are available in a variety of colours and custom sizes. I wish Elegy all the best of luck in the future as a growing indie brand!

As always, if you'd like more information, pictures, or just a good chinwag, you're quite welcome to contact me through Facebook, email, Youtube, or leave me a comment below.

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