Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wiwigs Product & Service Review ~ A natural wig for every day wear

First time buying from UK-based wig retailer, Wiwigs! I wanted a high quality, natural looking, long, dark wig for everyday wear and photoshoots and I wanted it quickly. Here's what happened!

The ShopWiWigs is a UK-based online retailer of a large selection of wigs from bright colours to natural blended shades. Their quality is good, intended for every day wear or cosplay.
Ordered: 25th June 2013
Received: 26th June 2013

Ordering through their website is pretty straightforward. Add to cart, checkout. It's simple as pie! They accept Paypal too, which is easily one of the safest methods of payment on the internet these days. You can checkout quickly with Paypal. I received a confirmation email straight away with my order details. 

Standard UK shipping is free from Wiwigs (correct at the time of writing) and their handling time is minimal. I received an email saying that my order had been processed and dispatched (again containing my order details). I received this email the same day I made the order.

I received my wig the day after placing the order! It arrived in a bubble-padded mailing envelope.

 The wig was inside a wig net with its tag attached but it did not come with a plastic storage bag or any other tidbits. What I received was pretty basic, but at least the lack of cardboard and other things made it slim, which helps keep postage costs down. (I assume this is why they can offer it free!)

The Wig
The quality of the wig is very good, I believe it's intended for every day wear. It's not costume-like at all. The strands move quite nicely, like natural hair (I had a photoshoot with this which included spinning around to make the hair flick out, jumping, and photos in the breezes) and the strands themselves are of a believable thickness and amount of shine. It is not too glaringly shiny and since I chose the colour 2, it is more believably natural in colour than a 1 (jet black) or 1b. My own natural hair is closer to a 2. I've worn it out a few times now. For me, it's good enough for every day wear or cosplay wear, and to wear for fashion purposes.

It's easy to brush and since it's only slightly wavy it doesn't tend to tangle. It's easy to comb out, too and hasn't lost loads of hairs. It's a fair thickness and the wig cap or weft netting doesn't show at all. It has adjustable size and is suitable for most sizes of head (it's not stupidly small or anything like that). It flicks in the wind. There is decent coverage from the side too, even when it's flicking in the wind (I have bright orange hair under here and a flesh toned wig cap:

I've had a photoshoot with a professional photographer whilst wearing this wig and it looked natural in all of the images. The photographer said she couldn't believe it was a wig!

I'd recommend WiWigs for their quick service within UK, and the quality of the wig I bought was fantastic. Obviously I can't speak for their entire inventory but my experience has been brilliant!

Ease of ordering 5/5
Speed of delivery 5/5
Accuracy to stock photo 5/5
Wearability and quality of wig compared to expectation 5/5
Overall experience 5/5

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I'm always eager to make posts that are useful to you, so if there's anything particular you'd like to know I'd love to see if I can help.

Until next time! x

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not accept any responsibility from problems that may occur as a result of using Wiwig's services or buying from the companies mentioned in my blog or depicted in photographs. I am only relaying my own opinions of the service that I have personally received and cannot guarantee that you will receive the same or similar standard of service or product.

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