Friday, 27 September 2013

Cadbury Customer Service is Wonderfully Allergy/Intolerance Friendly!

To me, there's no taste like Cadbury. I won a chocolate bar but couldn't eat it! It didn't take Cadbury UK long to totally fix the problem and make me feel like a valued customer...

If you're a big chocolate eater (like me!) then you're probably aware of the Cadbury "Unwrap Gold" promotion that's being run in which you can win a solid gold bar in the shape of the winning chocolate bars, or one of many minor prizes such as cinema tickets and free chocolate bars. I eat a whole bunch of Wispa bars because they're plain chocolate and I can avoid wheat/gluten, which I cannot consume without adverse effects. It's been a recent development with my health so I am pretty prickly about it, but I am quickly learning about lots of lovely companies that supply gluten free sweetnesses!

Although it's not exactly the Natioanl Lottery, I was really happy to be in possession of a wrapper with a winning code! I typed the code and my details into the Cadbury website and received an email congratulating me on my win of a "Crispello". The chocolates offered in the promotion are "Crispello" and "Marvellous Creations", both of which contain wheat gluten and would cause me a fair bit of pain if I tried to eat them. I was a bit disappointed. I know other people with specific dietary requirements or allergies (from diabetics to coeliacs, people allergic to nuts or soya etc) so I felt like I had to bring it to Cadbury's attention. They probably didn't even realise that, although they were offering 2 (probably very delicious!) chocolate products as prizes, they were also excluding some people from being able to eat them. I only eat the plain chocolates but there was no plain chocolate offered as an alternative. I mean, I could have claimed the chocolate and given it away (as a good friend would) but, being the selfish chocoholic that I am, I posted about my disappointment on the Cadbury UK page on Facebook detailing my problem (Tuesday 24/09/13). The Cadbury UK team responded the next morning very helpfully with a link to a contact form, suggesting I contact the team. I did.

On Friday, I received a lovely surprise through the mail. I have now, a letter, the main bit of which I'll copy out below for you.

"Dear Ms Tyler

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Cadbury Unwrapped Gold promotion.

I was very sorry to learn of your disappointment you experienced when you won your winning coupon.
This must have been very disappointing for you and we do appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.

I will pass your feedback onto the brand team responsible for this promotion for their information and consideration when planning future promotions.

As an alternative I am enclusing a voucher for you to buy a bar of your favourite Cadbury chocolate with our very best wishes."

They also added, "Thank you once again for taking the time and trouble to bring this matter to our attention."

Isn't this company sweet? (Pun very much intended.)

I would have been happy with a Freddo, or even just acknowledgement that they would consider peoples' dietary requirements to make it fun for everyone to win, but now I can also go and choose my own chocolate bar.

Thank you so much, Cadbury! A great company founded in the UK nearly two centuries ago, still looking after its UK customers with the same personal touch as popping in to see John Cadbury himself in his shop in the 1820's.

Now I'm off to spend this voucher on a delicious gluten-free chocolate bar!

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