Monday, 21 October 2013

Geo Circle Lenses ~ Princess Mimi Starmish Brown Review (and why I wear circle lenses!)

I'm going to start reviewing and offering up some information about some of the various circle lenses (and circle lens shops) I use. I thought I'd start with Geo's Princess Mimi lenses in brown and take a little look at why I wear them!

Being half Caucasian and half Oriental, I've always been a little self-concious about having small eyes. This is weird because 1. My dad always says I have big, brown eyes! 2. I don't actually have eyes that are that small. Anyway! Sometimes I wear "circle lenses" which change the colour of my eyes or add a few millimeters to the diameter of my iris which helps to make my eyes look larger.

I'm writing this post in response to a few questions I've had from people asking why my eyes are so bright or big. It's no secret that contact lenses for fashion are commonplace in the Lolita and cosplay worlds, but here's some info on my relationship and experience with circle lenses, and of course pictures!

Firstly, I think I can actually pin down my eye-insecurity. One of the common taunts for being Asian at school was to be "squinty eyed" or "slanty eyed" and people sometimes screwed their eyes up at me when teasing me about my ethnicity. That's one thing. The other thing is that I wear glasses! All through school I wore glasses until I became old enough to try out contact lenses (I think I was about 14 when I started trying out contact lenses). I chose brightly coloured prescription contacts so I could cosplay my favourite characters. 

This is me with standard coloured contact lenses in (blue). These are not designed to make my eyes look bigger or add any diameter to my iris. They might make my eyes more startling, but any enlarging would just have to be done with makeup. I still wear these for cosplay purposes but less in my day to day life.

In the modelling world, a local group used the nickname "blue eyes" because I wore blue contacts at a couple photoshoots. However, when I was wearing plain ones I was able to see my eyes more clearly and, without the glass in front of them to magnify them, they appeared smaller than I thought they were. I'm not saying that if you think your eyes are small you should wear circle lenses: that would be silly! There're plenty of makeup techniques to help you make your eyes stand out! (Important note: If you do choose to wear contact lenses of any kind, consult your optician first!)

I prefer to wear "circle lenses". These usually have dark bands around the edges and add definition, depth, or diameter to your iris. 

The circle lenses I buy are usually from Geo. They significantly change the colour of my eyes and add some size. They take about the same amount of care as regular monthly or yearly contact lenses. While some cosmetic lenses that I've bought from local stores have been a little uncomfortable in comparison with my prescription coloured contact lenses (which are, by comparison, less comfortable than 'clear' contact lenses that I've worn), I find that the circle lenses I buy are no less comfortable than the prescription coloured contacts that I wear. Geo lenses typically come in vials like this:

Look below - can you see there's an 'inside' and 'outside' of the lens? The 'outside' has a thick, black band with blending pointing to your pupil.

This is the Princess Mimi "Starmish" Brown style by Geo. You'll probably see me wearing these a lot. They're interesting! I actually bought these because I wanted a pair that looked unnatural. A character in a book I'm writing has honey-coloured eyes, so I thought I'd try something similar.

Name: Geo Princess Mimi
Colour: Brown (there is another Brown named 'Chocolate' and one named 'Almond'. This colour is sometimes described as 'Starmish'.)
Diameter: 14.5mm. Though it should be mentioned that some of the Princess Mimi styles are 15mm and some are 14.5mm according to the websites I've shopped at.
Manufactured by Geo Medical.

Firstly a picture of me tonight without any lenses, so you can compare the subsequent pictures:

No lenses, no makeup! My natural eyes are dark brown with a reddish tinge, quite like mahogany.

One lens in, one lens out. See how much more "eye-catching" one eye looks?

Without makeup, before and after inserting circle lenses.

Before and after with my makeup on. The black outer edges of the lens design really helps to make the eyes "pop". I'm not wearing false eyelashes, but wearing false lashes can also help to make the eyes look larger.

I really love these lenses because they have a slightly supernatural look. They add an odd amber tinge to my dark eyes. I'm not sure they'd blend well with, for instance, blue or grey eyes, as the natural iris will show when your pupils are smaller but they definitely are effective in adding a little pop to brown peepers. 

Are they comfortable? Sure, if you're used to wearing coloured contact lenses! They're more comfortable than some of the other coloured lenses that I've tried. I can wear these for the maximum recommended time and experience no discomfort. 

I think they go with several hair colours too! I've worn these with black, ginger and blonde hair and I think they look great with all of them.

So, what do you think of this colour of circle lens?

As ever, feel free to ask any and all questions! You can contact me on Facebook, Youtube, Email ( or pop a comment below!

Stay tuned for more lens reviews!

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility from any illness or injury sustained as a result of improper use of contact lenses. I can advise you as best as I can but your health is your own responsibility and, should you choose to wear circle lenses (or any type of cosmetic or prescription contact lens) then you should seek advice from your optometrist or another eye care specialist. Eyes are delicate and should be cared for with expert advice. My blog is for entertainment purposes: I am not an eyecare expert and I accept no responsibility for your health.


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    1. Thanks so much! I intend to review many more of my lens purchases and show a variety of images so people can see what they look like before deciding whether to buy them or not. :)

      I have seen that website you mentioned, however the Geo lens style above (Princess Mimi) in this review is actually cheaper for me to buy from a store here in the UK, perhaps because of exchange rates. However, the selection seems really large!