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Rococo Daze~ UK-based New & Used Lolita Store: A Mixed Review

I bought some Enchantlic Enchantilly Diamond Socks. As an official stockist for Juliette and Justine and Enchantlic Enchantilly within the UK, I was very excited to learn about the existence of Rococo Daze! However, ordering from them to save time on getting my item didn't quite work out...

What were the snags?
1. Rococo Daze made a mistake when I made the order. They thought I had ordered a "pre-order" for some Juliette et Justine socks that would be dispatched in December at the earliest when I had in fact ordered in-stock Enchantlic Enchantilly socks.
2. My item was shipped out 3 calendar weeks after I received the order confirmation email.
3. The packaging was literally a paper bag and nothing else, and it cost less than half what I paid in postage fees to ship to me. Disappointing.

Read on for info and pictures!

What is Rococo Daze?

Rococo Daze is a UK-based shop with an online catalogue that sells Lolita and other Japanese fashions. I heard about it through the Lolita grapevine but didn't know anyone who had ordered from them. Being in the UK, it's good for anyone living in an EU country as most EU countries do not charge extra VAT on things coming from other EU countries.


The website is easy to navigate and it was pretty simple to add the item I wanted to my cart and check out, paying with Paypal. On the catalogue pages it tells you which items are "reservation" items, and which items are sold out so you can easily tell what's in stock. They stock a range of clothing and accessories in both new and used conditions. Most notably, they are stockists of Enchantlic Enchantilly and Juliette and Justine but they also carry Lockshop wigs and hosiery.

I made the order 10th October 2013. I received an email from Lucy at Rococo Daze that day confirming that my order had been received.


They tend to respond every 3 days. I paid for 1st class signed for postage (1-2 days) and despite their website stating they make shipments every weekday I hadn't received my order by 17th October so I sent a message through the contact form on the website. It took 3 days for a response to come. Lucy responded like this on 20th October:

"Hi Tasha!
Thank you for your email.
The item that you ordered,, is a reservation item with shipment expected in or after December, so that would explain any confusion! If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us ^^
Best wishes,
Lucy <3
Rococo Daze"

I nearly had a heart attack. Those were not the socks I ordered at all! So I had to email Rococo Daze again to clarify the situation. I ordered in-stock Enchantlic Enchantilly Diamond socks in Brown and Ivory, not those bunny-laden Juliette et Justine ones! I also attached my Paypal receipt to the bottom of the email to help clear up the mistake. To their credit, Lucy of Rococo Daze was very polite in response on 23rd October.

"Oh Tasha my apologies! You are quite right of course, I will get your correct order out to you ASAP and please accept an extra little gift by way of apology >.<"

With the Rococo Daze website stating the speedy shipping schedule, I was looking forward to receiving my socks finally. However, they didn't show up until 9 days later...

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping date is 3 weeks after I made the order and note the £2.30 postage...

I didn't receive my socks until 1st November, just over 3 weeks after I'd ordered them. Things I order from Japan usually come in about 5-10 days, and that's half way across the world. I expected ordering from within UK to help save time but it really didn't.

When I was handed the package from the postman I was quite relieved, but things just got worse really.

£4.99 P&P for a paper bag and £2.30 in stamps?

The "packaging" was literally a pink paper bag folded around the contents, not safe at all. It was stuck with only thin, 1 inch thick strips of clear tape. Not only that, but the shipping cost only £2.30 when I had paid £4.99, which is over double the actual cost! There's no issue with helping to absorb a little of the Paypal fees, but charging 2x the cost of the stamp is pretty disgraceful considering the negligible packaging.

Unwrapping the bag...

There were no business cards, thank you notes, notes of apology, or any personal touches. It was very disheartening considering the mess-up that was made with my order. There was no packaging inside the paper bag:

What I saw when I opened the bag. Rather sparse!

The socks were not wrapped in anything so they could have moved about a lot in transit, risking snagging from the metal toe clips if the toes had separated from one another. Luckily, mine were not damaged despite being wrapped in one paper bag! 

While the packaging was a bit rubbish, the product is as described on the website and quite the same colours as the stock photo. I'm very pleased with the product itself! These Enchantilly socks are quite sqidgy, they remind me of socks I've gotten from Angelic Pretty in texture and size, so I can recommend Enchantlic Enchantilly socks for sure!

They have a comfortable and stretchy texture and nicely defined diamonds.

The "little gift by way of apology" was an Enchantlic Enchantilly face cloth which, to the best of my knowledge, was a free gift for people making reservations for an Enchantlic Enchantilly dress. It's neither use nor ornament to me to be honest. I think the picture is slightly terrifying, but that's a matter of personal taste.

Overall Experience

I'm very disappointed with the high cost of shipping, lack of customer service (i.e. promising things will be sent as soon as possible then waiting an entire week before shipping it out) and terrible packaging. Either Rococo Daze need to rethink their approach to customer satisfaction or they need to take a few bits of advice from other successful Lolita mail-order shops. Personally, although it saddens me greatly I will not be able to support this UK-based endeavour despite wishing to purchase from smaller businesses in my corner of the world, and I cannot recommend them. However! If you do decide to go ahead and order from Rococo Daze, or they sell something that you just cannot live without, please take the following advice from me!

1. Check and double-check your order. If it's an "in stock" item and doesn't arrive after 10 days make sure you ask whether it has been sent or not. Check your Paypal receipt too.
2. Ask for more packaging. I wouldn't want a £200 dress sent in a paper bag!
3. Be aware that packages get jostled about a lot in transit so there's every chance something could get a little damaged. I was very lucky that my socks arrived intact.
4. Do be aware that the shipping costs are proportionately a lot higher for small items (like socks) than they are for large ones. Orders over £150 get free worldwide shipping at the time of writing.
5. There is no phone number to contact so you may be waiting 3 days before getting responses to any queries you make via email.

Communication: 6/10 ~ polite, but responded 3 days after each message I sent.
Shipping Time: 3/10 ~ took 3 weeks for them to ship out.
Shipping Cost: 3/10 ~ charged over double what it cost to send.
Packaging: 4/10 ~it held shut but it was just a paper bag. Nothing was damaged.

Product as Described: 10/10 ~ exactly as expected, if a few weeks late.

I would not recommend shopping with Rococo Daze and would encourage you to look for more reviews or ask someone you know who has shopped with them before for more information. You could also email them ahead of placing any order. While I do believe their heart is in the right place, it's not a standard of service I expect of a private seller getting rid of their old junk, let alone a well stocked shop who is a UK official stockist of such highly regarded brand goods. Hopefully things will improve in the future!

I hope this was helpful! Do let me know your own experiences of shopping with Rococo Daze (especially if positive!) either below in a comment or through one of my other communication channels. I'd love to hear some success stories to balance out my disappointing experience!

As always, you can ask any questions or generally grab me for a chat through here in the comments below, FacebookYoutube or email me with comments and queries!

Hopefully there'll be a lot of positive vibes next time!


  1. Oohh... this is actually rather bad, since Rococo just opened up and should be more careful with their customers! Thanks for a great review Tash - I love how detailed you are :) That makes your reviews so great! :D

    1. Ah I think maybe it's because they're a 'young' company that they have not 'found their feet' yet but hopefully this will encourage Rococo Daze to improve their service. I'm still hopeful for the company for the future and they do stock and reserve things not widely available in the UK so maybe they're the only option for some people right now. That makes me hope they become much better :)

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    1. Ah I hope you got the refund you wanted! Even though you deleted your comment I wanted to let you know that I've been offered a refund for the excess postage. I haven't received it yet but I'm still hopeful. Maybe it's a sign that the company is on the up! All the best x

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