Sunday, 1 December 2013

Geo Circle Lenses Contact Lens Review~ Geo Ultra Angel Green

These are actually the second pair of green circle lenses that I opted for because I found the first ones I tried weren't very bright in my eyes (more about those soon). For now, let's take a look at this pair of Geo Ultra lenses...

Name: Geo Ultra Angel Green
Diameter: 14.8mm
Type: 1 Years Disposable
Manufactured by Geo Medical

This is the vial they come in. As you can see they are "0.00", not a prescription, but they are available in various prescriptions if you wear spectacles.

The stock image of these lenses out of the eye appeared to be quite luminous and bright, but the example of it worn over a brown eye made it appear much more like an emerald colour. They are 2mm smaller in diameter than the lenses I usually wear so I was unsure if that would make a very big difference compared to the look that I am used to.

In the vial, they are quite bright and pale, just like the image used to advertise them. It's a very unnatural type of green, it's quite luminous and a little spearminty in shade.

 Can you see the slight difference in colour between the lenses when they're not in the eye compared to the lush, leafy green of the lenses when they go over my dark eyes? These lenses would look a lot brighter and more luminous on paler eyes.

In the eye, they don't look so alien! The lenses take on some of the darker tones from my own eye. Below is a picture with just the lenses in (no makeup so you can just see the lenses properly) followed by a picture with my makeup on so you can see the full effect.

As you can see, they have little black bits around the inside which means they don't really blend very well with my own eyes, but I don't mind that double colour look (like Hazel eyes).

And an image from the side for good measure!

From further away you can see that they don't have a massive enlarging effect but they do add a little more depth and diameter to your iris. They are not so big and bold that they look unnatural. The blending and speckling of the black around the outer ring of the lenses makes them look less bold than circle lenses with very solid rings around the edges so they have a subtle look from a distance.

I also find these lenses to be very comfortable! I wore them on Saturday for the maximum recommended time. (I advise you not to take risks by wearing your lenses for too long! Go by the advice you receive with your contact lenses!) I found that there was no discomfort at all. As with the other models of Geo lenses I've had so far, they're very comfortable - I couldn't feel them in my eyes at all. It was very cold and quite windy, things that would usually make my eyes sting, but I actually felt no problems with my eyes all day.

So, what do you think of this colour of circle lens?

As ever, feel free to ask any and all questions! You can contact me onFacebookYoutube, Email ( or pop a comment below!

Stay tuned for more lens reviews!

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility from any illness or injury sustained as a result of improper use of contact lenses. I can advise you as best as I can but your health is your own responsibility and, should you choose to wear circle lenses (or any type of cosmetic or prescription contact lens) then you should seek advice from your optometrist or another eye care specialist. Eyes are delicate and should be cared for with expert advice. My blog is for entertainment purposes: I am not an eyecare expert and I accept no responsibility for your health.


  1. Do you know another shop that has like Solution-Lens Buy 2 Get 1 Free and other free gifts also free delivery ? I like this shop but I need lenses with correction for my Mom and they don't have :-( Sad, they are the cheapest where I have bought, but I can wear plano lenses and my mum cannot.

    1. Which shop is it that you're looking at? Geo lenses are carried by a number of stores online but I don't think you'll find such things as buy 2 get one free offers all the time - shops tend to change their offers around a lot. Geo do correction lenses. If she has a contact lens prescription then you can order them in single or batches. Which country is it that you need them shipped to?

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