Wednesday, 22 January 2014

KERA Shop Innocent World Happy Bag 2014 ~ what did I get for 15750 yen?

Lucky packs remind me of when I was a child and I used to get lucky bags from the newsagents, usually filled with stickers, little toys and crayons. Do they still exist? Even Claire's Accessories used to have lucky dip type bags come sales time, I bought a lot of these and used to swap things with my friends. I felt slightly nostalgic when I placed my order for Innocent World's KERA happy bag (15750 yen).

Does everyone else get this nostalgic about grab bags/lucky packs?

Since it wasn't a high value bag, I didn't expect much. I would have been very happy with a blouse and a couple pairs of socks, or a hair accessory. There were only 2 things I didn't want: chocolate prints (I have enough!) and polka dots. Since this was a 2014 happy bag and Innocent World haven't really been in a polka dotty mood for about 3 years I thought I'd get away with it!

The lucky pack came in a strong zip-up bag. I'll be using this to store some of my clothes in, either laundry or clothes that rarely get worn. That, or I could take it to the shops with me to carry things home.

Here are the 3 items I received:

1. The highest value item was the "Random Dot OP" from 2011, which I got in navy

It's a one piece dress and the sleeves and collar area is not detachable (without the use of scissors!). The little bow is a brooch which you can move. It's a lot darker in colour than the stock photos. The sleeves and collar are a lovely rich ivory. I specifically hoped I wouldn't receive any polka dots but the fabric is lovely, soft and lightweight and it fits me very well so I'm not certain whether I will keep it or not yet.

2. I also received the Merry-go-round Bag, a 2012 release, in wine x bordeaux.

I thought that wine x bordeaux was a bit of an odd colourway at first. Currently, I don't really have any wine x cream or bordeaux x cream outfits but dark red shades look alright on me so I imagine it won't be long before I have an outfit I can include this in. I have been  wanting one of those Alice and the Pirates tent bags for a while but never got around to buying one so this is a good compromise. I don't like the impracticality of it that much though. It looks nice but the little frilly bits that fold over the zip make it hard to get in and out of and you have to fully undo both zips to be able to tilt the top back. I've only ever owned one other cylindrical bag and that was much easier to get into than this one. I'm also the type that likes to carry around a hardcover diary or a notebook so unless I'm just popping to the shops for a bottle of milk I don't think I'll get much actual use out of this item.

3. Black x Black Knee-high socks. 

These are a pretty basic and will be easy to use since I do wear black. Sometimes I'm in two minds about buying Innocent World's socks as they are usually for quite slim legs and my calves are rather chunky from lots of walking however these don't stretch out too badly on my legs. (My calves are about 33-34cm in circumference when standing.

I admit I would rather have gotten a floral or striped dress rather than the dot-splodges dress and a more practical bag but overall I think I didn't do too badly! What do you think?

Did you get things you wanted in your lucky pack?

As ever, feel free to ask any and all questions! You can contact me on FacebookYoutube, Email ( or pop a comment below!

Stay tuned for "worn" pictures of my IW happy pack items :)


  1. Wow! They're actually a decent price considering what you get? I'm new to Lolita (and in the UK too) so I'm awaiting my first couple of parcels! Can I ask, how often does customs charge you?

    1. Hi Kat! Yes it's a great price! What I like about lucky bags is that if you don't get the items you'd like then you can always resell them or swap them with other people for things you do want (though you can also get definite sets which tend to be released at the same time as lucky packs) where the only surprise is which colour you receive. I actually tend to get charged on everything. Some sellers and companies will 'mark down' packages so that they appear to have a lower value than the goods are actually worth if you ask them to, or they may do it automatically, but this can be bad for insurance and it's also against the law. Generally I get charged import VAT on any merchandise worth around £30 or over. I've only ever been charged customs fees on something worth £200, but the import VAT is the regular one which is flat 20% of whatever the declared value of your goods is. The other charge you usually get is a fee that the carrier takes (whoever paid the VAT on your behalf when it came into the country), for example DHL or Parcelforce. Sadly it can be a little disproportionate so it's always a good idea to take it into account when shopping from outside EU. I hope you love your goods when they arrive!

      P.S. Welcome to the fashion! I hope wearing Lolita makes you feel as special as it does for me :)