Monday, 14 July 2014

Hime Inspired Hairstyle using GLW's Pixie Collection

I've had a lot of people ask me where I got my wig from when wearing this particular style. The truth is, it's 4 hair pieces and a wig! Here's how I create this hairstyle...

You can only really see half of the hair on here because I have that many accessories hiding one side of it, but both sides are equally voluminous. If I mess around with it, I can make it much bigger with the same amount of hair pieces, but I wasn't looking for the world's biggest poof today :)

Points that people like about this hairstyle specifically:
1. The fringe is really full and cute
2. There  is a lot of volume all the way down the wig, not just at the top (the curls continue to be full all the way down to the ends)
3. It looks really "round" at the top.

When I wore my hair blonde I bought a couple sets of hair pieces that matched my hair colour. Now I've switched back to black hair, my Gothic Lolita Wigs Pixie Collection hair pieces in blonde mix no longer match my natural hair... Instead of buying a matching fringe and trying to work the whole thing out, I decided I'd use them in another way.

These photographs were taken in reverse order (it was the end of the day and I was taking them off) so I'm a little worse for wear. I do apologise! As such, the style has actually deflated quite a bit, everything started the day much higher on my head... and I've also deflated ehe!

These are the things I used! From left to right they are GLW Pixie Ponytails 1 x 2 (these are not as full/thick as the stock picture would suggest, I've found!), a pair of GLW Pixie Buns (you get 2 in a set),  and a blonde mix wig I originally styled for Rosa Farrell from Final Fantasy IV. It's an oldish wig I bought cheap from eBay because it had a nice gradient and mix of colours. It's not as dark as the photograph, I think it's in my shadow so it looks a lot darker!

1. Often left out of these things! I put my hair in 2 tight plaits on either side of my head before pinning them to my head and I pinned my fringe back. I use a wig cap to keep my hair in check (flesh coloured for blonde wigs). I generally do my makeup before I put wigs on so that I don't accidentally get any makeup on my wigs and also so that I have good access to all of my face.

2. I put on my base wig. Instead of using a short wig like a lot of these styles use, I've gone for a long wig with no fringe. Not having a fringe allows me to clip on a big fluffy one instead. The colours blend with the ponytails and bun, but they don't need to be an exact match as long as you blend your hair pieces together well. (I look so grumpy here!)

3. The bun I'm holding up in the step 2 pic is now put on! The bun is designed to go over the top of a bun so it has fork-like prongs to slide into your bun and a net with an adjustable toggle through the elastic. I open the whole thing out so that it's flat, tuck the elastic and toggle inside, and attach it to the top of the wig. This creates a fringe-like appearance that's much thicker than a regular clip-on fringe. You can secure it using a lot of hair grips. If you use a comb or a brush to blend them together the effect will better. 

4. I clip on the ponytails. The higher on your head the ponytails are, the higher the hime-bump will be. Make sure the claw clips are firm in your wig by giving them a little pull. Before putting on the next bun piece I like to adjust the ponytails and then separate the long, curly bits a little and blend them with the wig hair. 

5. Finally, I attach the remaining bun in the middle, over the top of the two ponytails. This creates a rounded effect at the top. You can use a brush, comb, or your fingers to smooth it out and distribute the hair over the whole style. It helps to blend the ponytails together at the back and creates a nice, smooth backdrop for your hair accessories. It can look great from all angles with some adjustments and blending!

Give it a good blend and separate the ponytails into curls that fall at both the front and the back to give it a natural feel. If you play about with it a bit you'll soon see what I mean!

Tadaa! That's all!

If you happen to have any of these types of hair pieces lying around, why not give it a try? Combining your wigs and hair pieces can make some cute and interesting styles!

Have you found a nice new style from combining your hair pieces? Maybe you've used these particular pieces in a different way...? I'd love to see!

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