Thursday, 10 July 2014

Trinity Vintage Market & Hull City of Culture Celebration

The beautiful Nat (currently one of three "Nats" in my local comm!) suggested we go to the City of Culture festival held in Hull on Saturday 28th June! It included a very adorable vintage-themed market which presented lots of things for a Lolita household... Prepare for photographs!
(The gold cup in the middle is gorgeous right?)

The first stall I saw was that of Trash N Treasure, who certainly brought lots of "booty" to Trinity Market! (Treasure... pirates... booty... geddit?) I absolutely adored their selection of tea sets and cake stands, perfect for afternoon tea!

I spent a lot of time admiring the crochet and tablecloths too!

They were next to "Roisin Dubh" or "Black Rose". Roisin Dubh's shopfront is inside Hepworth's Arcade, a charming little indoor market full of indie shops in our 'old town', but it was lovely to see all their usual stock complemented by other goods. (Their website.)

My friend Hana collects dolls, it's a shame she couldn't make it so I hope we can go to another one of these markets! (Yup, that's an umbrella stand, I think I need it for my parasols.)

Everything for a frilly dressing table.

I discovered the wonders of a local vintage-inspired home decor company, "J'adore Interiors Hull". Their prices are pretty reasonable and their items can be customised to order. Even their tapering candles are pretty to look at! I really wanted their picture frames and little tables...


This unique little table reminded me of something I have at home...

(Yup, the same print as my tights... except my tights are 'family friendly'!)

I also discovered "Vintage Friends UK" a pair of lovely people, Karen and Gerri, who make candles inside vintage vessels with scented eco-friendly soy wax and will also refill your favourite cup with new wax if you want another candle. You can also wash the cups and glasses to repurpose them again. The price tags have little buttons on them!

And if you needed a daily dose of handmade dolls, Aunt Polly's Doll Emporium had that covered too, along with all kinds of little bundles of fabric and handicrafts like hand-covered notebooks (the one with the cow nearly came home with me). There were rabbits and elephants as well. You can find them on etsy here.

You could also have a good rummage through genuine vintage items, like the jewellery displayed by Beezz Kneezz. (The lovely Persy bought a crown brooch from this stall - it looked just like the Jane Marple crown!)

Beezz Kneezz has a pop-up type shop within a larger shop, Grannies Parlour, who were also exhibiting their goods at the market. It was nice to see small shops working together to cross-promote their wares! (Is it me or are some old things really creepy?)

There was a heritage display and a couple stalls that leaked into the glorious Holy Trinity church, which is one of Hull's oldest churches. 

We were papped by "Hair Majesty", a vintage specialist hairdressers in Hull. I wish I didn't have all my hair extensions in because I would have loved to have had my hair done for £10!

Our lovely Ari modelling the display of hanging jewels and fish. Hull has a maritime past!

Queen Victoria Square was too busy for a short girl like me to take photos of that part of the festival but Hull Daily Mail has a great photo album of lots of the activities and performances of the day that you can find here (click!). It was also the Lord Mayor's Parade. There was weird salt writing on the floor, stages up, and donkeys in Queen's Gardens.

The Trinity Vintage Market was very inspiring and full of stuff to fill up a frilly home. I'm quite relieved that I was with my princesses and couldn't carry things home or I may have come home with an unhealthy amount of booty! As it stands, all I bought was a necklace for a friend with scissors on it from Fairy Moo's Doodling World who also had a stall there. Their charm jewellery is really cute! They shared a stall with photography by Almost-Design who sell prints of local images.

P.S. A couple weeks after the vintage market, a couple of the same stalls and stalls that had been at the Trinity Vintage Market appeared outside a shopping centre celebrating its 40th birthday. Apart from a second chance to buy that lovely gold-themed teacup and a set of cake forks from Trash N Treasure, there was a stall called Adric's Findings... 

Adric's Findings sells cute little charms on pens, jewellery, and sun-catchers. I bought one of the sun catchers but I wanted to wear it as a bracelet so the owner put extra jump rings and a heart-shaped clasp on it for me!

She wrapped it up in a paper bag. When I opened it at home a dessert-shaped soap in a gift bag fell out as a free gift! How cute is that?


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Do you have vintage-themed markets in your city? 
Have you found something good there?


  1. The little soap comes from Little Blessings, you can find me at the Fruit Market on the 20th of this month or every 3rd sunday of the month, also i wil be at Londsdale Centre every wednesday. and i am also on facebook. May your day be blessed, your soap divine

    1. Thank you very much for the information! I haven't had chance to use it yet but I'm surprised by how much fragrance such a little soap can have!