Saturday, 16 May 2015

After Midnight Review - Adorable UK-based Indie Brand Headwear

I had a case of "naked head" but a good friend of mine who crossed the water to train at a bridalwear specialist has recently started an indie brand making beautiful headwear. And thus began my romance with my new favourite floral headband.

The Brand: After Midnight - a UK-based artisan creating wonderful headwear. She takes commissions and will custom design a piece for you too!
The item: (Image from After Midnight's Facebook Page!)
Paid: 13th May 2015 (Wednesday)
Received: 16th May 2015 (Saturday!)

It's pretty easy to order! If you have Facebook, you can contact the artisan through her Facebook page using the messaging system. I paid using Paypal, which is one of the safest and easiest payment methods to use online in my experience.

My item was sent using 2nd Class standard. For extra security for your parcel, you might like to ask for "recorded delivery".

I received my headband on the third day after ordering! It arrived wrapped up in pretty tissue paper inside a clear plastic box (very sturdy!) and wrapped up in brown parcel paper. Everything was in tact when it arrived! Since it's in a box, the postie didn't try to squish it through the letterbox, so I was very grateful for the secure packaging.

The roses are a rich, yellowy ivory (they're nearly pastel yellow), accented by white and blue pearlised beads. The headdress is large compared with some floral headbands but it's incredibly light! There's felt underneath the flowers, which makes it comfortable on the head too.

There are so many details to this headband, more than I thought from the stock image! The headband itself is sturdy but flexible enough for wearing without hurting my head. It fits my adult sized head quite well - I haven't tried it with a wig yet but I think it will be okay. It's wrapped in attractive satiny ribbon.

There are two types of lace on the sides and front of the headdress, some in white and some in blue. They made pretty accents to it. The lace is soft and pretty! There are also sprays of pale blue feathers and little white pearly beads sprouting from the blue flowers. The combination of textures looks really effective in person.

The back wasn't shown on the stock images, so I was really happy to find that the back is also really cute! It has cotton-feeling lace bows in white to hide the backs of the roses. (They look like the cutest 'plasters' ever put over where the 'stalks' would have been cut if the flowers were real ^^')

I can't wait to wear it with the dress I bought it to match (Metamorphose's Swan Lake in Ivory)!

I'd definitely recommend After Midnight's high quality headwear for all kinds of fancy pieces! Though their aesthetic is primarily Lolita, there's plenty for all other kinds of styles too. While I can't speak for the speed of commission work, the quality of the item I received would have been well worth a long wait anyway, so I'd be happy to commission the artisan to make something special for me in the future. My experience has been brilliant!

Ease of ordering 5/5
Speed of delivery 5/5
Accuracy to stock photo 4.5/5
(It's a little more yellow in real life on my monitor - I'm certain that's just screen differences playing their usual dirty tricks though! Since it will go on my head, not actually near my dress, it's an acceptable difference to me!)
Wearability/quality compared to expectation 5/5
Overall experience 5/5

If you have any questions, you're always welcome to comment below, contact me on Facebook, via email ( or Youtube messages.

I'm always eager to make posts that are useful to you, so if there's anything particular you'd like to know I'd love to see if I can help.

Have a beautiful day! x

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not accept any responsibility from problems that may occur as a result of using After Midnight's services or buying from the companies mentioned in my blog or depicted in photographs. I am only relaying my own opinions of the service that I have personally received and cannot guarantee that you will receive the same or similar standard of service or product.

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