Monday, 4 May 2015

Geo Circle Lens Review ~ Geo XTRA Flower Lotus Lenses in Blue

Sometimes it's got to be a pair of big baby blues.....

My ultimate eye-idol is probably Amanda Tapping (known for Stargate SG1 and Sanctuary). She has such big peepers naturally! This time I chose a pair of big, blue eyes! 

I've also worn regular blue contact lenses for some time, so I wanted to try something that would make my eye look larger but still with a vivid blue colour.

Apologies in advance for how raggedy my makeup etc has gotten (my eyelashes are falling off, eyeliner is chipped away, etc) - I took these photos after my day out in the hot sunshine rather than beforehand! So you really get to see me when I've lost my "sparkle"!

The Product

Name: Geo XTRA Flower Lotus Blue

Diameter: 15mm
Type: 1 Years Disposable
Manufactured by Geo Medical

As with a lot of Geo's lenses, they are available in prescription form. They come in the standard glass vials that you have to take extra care opening.

I'll admit that the name swayed me. Anything hinting at flowers is bound to give me a favourable impression of a product! I realised my slight error in buying this product when I broke them out of their vials. The design is really pretty and flower-inspired, like a chrysanthemum or daisy! Sadly, the pattern is created not by alternating hue of the pigment in the lens but by alternating blue bits and clear bits. With lots of the areas being transparent I didn't think they would have much of a colour-changing effect on my eyes. 

They have a black band around the circumference but it's dotted with transparent areas to soften the look. The black bands around the edges in other GEO series that I've had have been solid (such as the Ultra and Princess Mimi lenses).

I also notice the transparent area in the middle for your pupil is quite large and "blendable" for a dual-iris colour effect when your pupil is small.

The blue is a very bold and bright shade on the lens. When I put them in my eyes, though, they dull down to a more sapphire-like shade.

One in, one out in two different lights.

With lenses and without lenses. The angle and lighting is a little different but you can definitely see that these are wider in diameter than my natural iris!

I find them to be quite comfortable! They are much more comfortable than "costume" contact lenses I've bought from local shops (cats eyes, for example!), I'll have to dig out the names of the not-so-comfy ones for future reference. These Geo ones have been comfortable for me to wear for several hours and only experience a little dryness (in hot conditions, though. I have yet to test these in regular, cool conditions). 

The Verdict

I think this style is much more suited to blue or grey eyes to enhance the size and bold look of your eyes. There is no central black ring around the pupil so I imagine it would blend nicely with a lighter coloured eye than mine. I don't think I'd buy these again personally but the effect of half-blue and half-brown eyes is fun to play with!

I wore these first in January this year to a local meet but photographs were thin on the ground - I was too busy stuffing my face with tea and cake- and every time I've worn them since then I haven't had time to taken photos before going out and it's been dark by the time I got home! The longer daylight of Spring and Summer is definitely the blogger's friend! Thank you for your patience!

For reference, here's an image of me with regular blue contact lenses (prescription contacts are Freshlook Colour lenses in Sapphire). I feel like they offer much better coverage in terms of changing my eye colour but they're not designed to make my eyes appear bigger.

So, what do you think of this colour of circle lens? Would it look bold and bright in your eye or like a darker, sophisticated sapphire?

As ever, feel free to ask any and all questions! You can contact me onFacebookYoutube, Email ( or pop a comment below!

Stay tuned for more lens reviews!

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility from any illness or injury sustained as a result of improper use of contact lenses. I can advise you as best as I can but your health is your own responsibility and, should you choose to wear circle lenses (or any type of cosmetic or prescription contact lens) then you should seek advice from your optometrist or another eye care specialist. Eyes are delicate and should be cared for with expert advice. My blog is for entertainment purposes: I am not an eyecare expert and I accept no responsibility for your health.

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